LIVE online group coaching program
with Eli + Joseph.
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An inspired and uplifting  group coaching experience 
designed to help you THRIVE, now and
at any stage of your life.

Let's create a wonderful space together where you can learn to create massive shifts in your perspective and take inspired actions to truly THRIVE,

no matter what's going on in your life.

Level 1- The Essentials
In this 6-week group coaching experience you will: 
  • Learn to manage challenging emotions by creating a healthier mindset to sustain you, now, through, and AFTER this period in our lives. Learn to turn disempowering thoughts that get in your way into productive ones that help you achieve your goals.


  • Explore ways to strengthen your immune system naturally. Get clear about what foods to eat and which to avoid to support your optimal well-being.  Get motivated and explore practical and delicious ways to prepare new foods, healthy snacks, and fabulous healthy meals.

  • Commit to kind and loving self-care practices designed to help you feel more grounded and present in your life.


  • Use this downtime to reconnect with your passions and create something truly fulfilling and meaningful in your life. Focusing on something you LOVE always lifts your spirits and feeds your soul! (This process is worth the price of admission!)


This program is a wonderful and inspired way to feel more connected and less isolated, getting to know yourself better with other wonderful like-minded people, in a safe community that can support and encourage each other through this unique and challenging time. 


Thriving Together is a weekly anchor that gives you the confidence to move forward, providing you with clarity and focus, and a beautiful way to explore, learn and implement new tools to feel more empowered, grounded and hopeful.


Please watch this 2:30 minute video

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When, where & how much?


Future groups forming soon! If you'd like to be on the waiting list for the next group, please let us know.


On Zoom. We'll send you a link each week. Easy peasy.


Here's the wonderful part: Pay what you can!


We know this stay-at-home experience might bring some financial challenges for some people, so if you need financial support, here's one way to make things easier: 

The price for all 6 sessions is ONLY $269 usd

($45 per session)


You also have the option to pay

$239 usd ($40 per session)

or $210 usd ($35 per session)

BONUS: Register by midnight, Tuesday June 9 and receive 

a 30 minute breakthrough coaching session with one of us

at any time during the 6-week program.

(Value of $100 usd!)



NOTE: A portion of your tuition will be donated to a local San Miguel food bank.


This is truly a remarkably low price, based on the incredible value you'll receive. We're doing our part to make this experience doable for you.

 We know you won't regret it.

The group is limited to 12 peopl