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We'll help

you get there!

Hi! We're Eli & Joseph.
Our passion is to help heart-centered creatives, coaches, and entrepreneurs have massive breakthroughs in their lives and careers to finally make things happen, BIG time!
  • Get clear about what lights your soul on fire and how to birth your project / idea.
  • Get organized, one doable step at a time, and finally create meaningful results.
  • Build your brilliant business and make a great living, loving what you do.

Oh, yeah. It's possible. So...

Start. Dreaming. Big!

Ready to create serious breakthroughs in your life and business? It's time. Let's do this!

Get excited, focused and motivated at one of our online workshops or live retreats. 
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Inspiring ideas & practical healthy recipes to create a healthy life you LOVE!

"Eli and Joseph are simply BRILLIANT! They're passionate, infectious and inspiring! Their training has been money and time well spent! Because of them I'm ready to launch by business!  Thank you!" 


Jackie Bye - Nisswa, MN  

Eli Hans and Joseph Bennett

Is to inspire and support you to your highest potential so you can finally be who you came here to be, and create a life and  business you adore.


We'll help you birth your creative baby, discover your passions and learn how to make an excellent living using them. Get back on track with your creative goals. Start or grow your brilliant and profitable business. 

We'll help you figure things out and how to get there step-by-step.

Our inspiring motivational events are not only fun but very empowering! All our trainings, workshops and retreats are designed to light your soul on fire, reminding you who you came here to be.

Our HEALING RETREATS in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, are life changing. A complete immersion into what YOU want to create, with expert guidance, tools, delicious healthy meals and motivation from us. (Offers depend on Covid safety.)

Please enjoy a GIFT from us to you.

Our FREE eBook is a great way to start creating the life and business of your dreams!

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 preparing delicious food that's GOOD for you!
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