• by Eli Hans

The Secret to Creating JOY - Even Through Covid


Yes, these are highly unprecedented times for the world. Aside from a global pandemic, in the U.S. we're painfully aware of much deeper issues of polarity and division that are nothing less than astonishing.

My question is: despite all of the challenges we are facing, along with continuing to shelter at home at least for a few more months, is it possible to still conjure up joy through it all?

My answer is: Yes, I believe it's possible! And I want to share a story with you about what helped me reconnect to a hidden source of joy recently. Maybe it will inspire you to discover it for yourself as well.

So, what's the secret of making your life SPARKLE with joy, energy and enthusiasm, even in the midst of this stay-at-home pandemic and global turmoil?

Actually, the fact that we're needing to stay home and tighten up precautions again, as we enter the winter months and an ensuing rise in COVID exposures looms ahead, it's crucial that you give this wonderful gift to yourself, for your sanity and peace of mind, your well-being and deep, deep self-care.

I won't drag this out, and I'll get to the secret right now. Ready for it?

You need to:

Give yourself PERMISSION


EVERY day.

That's it.

Simple, yet not necessarily easy. The two key words are: PERMISSION (as in guilt-free) and EVERY day, not just once in a while.

(Watch the VIDEO BELOW to see what happened when I let myself do that. Gulp.)