• by Eli Hans

5 Great Tips to Start Eating Healthier than Ever Before

"Oh, the cheese! I can't live without cheese! What about ice-cream? Not ever? What about cookies? I can't live without 'em! Could I just have one? Or two?"

"You mean per day, per week, per month?" I ask.

"Per meal!" she says. "You know. In moderation."

Oh, yes. I know. It's hard to change the way we eat. That's why I thought you might enjoy these 5 Great tips to start eating healthier than ever before.

We're so attached to our favorite flavors and textures, aren't we? We love what we love, our comfort foods, our snacks, our go-to's. Plus, being on any kind of restrictive diet feels like we're being punished in some way.

That's why fad diets never work. Deprivation city!

We all know - from everything we read and hear - that eating

nutritious foods is a great thing to do for our health and well-being, right?

So, if we know that, and there's plenty of scientific evidence to back it up, why is it so challenging to make that transition? Though we want to, intellectually, how do we do it so it truly becomes a new way of life? Our new normal.

This is a complex subject, and I'll do my best to keep it simple. I hope these tips help you get closer to achieving that in a way that's doable, fulfilling and motivational.

How do we transition to a healthier way of eating so it becomes something we can stick to?

Eating healthier than ever


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