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Thank You For Another Sublime Event!


As some of you are aware, for the past several years we've organized a charity event for the poorest of the poor just outside of San Miguel de Allende: those working and/or working at (or on the fringes of) the city dump.


It's such an amazing experience to 'get out of ourselves', and our day-to-day 'problems' and be of service to others. The rewards are immeasurable! Truly!


Talk about a reality check! It surely puts us into an instant state of gratitude (just in case we had forgotten how fortunate we are!)


The photo above is of the 27 happy volunteers just before we loaded up the 12 carloads of gifts, food, warm clothing, blankets, toys, water, condoms (!) and personal care items, and delivered them to the recipients on Christmas Eve day. 



This year was truly special. As we drove into the dump, there were dozens of people holding bilingual signs, welcoming us. Many of us got emotional when we saw this, as this was the first time in about eight years that they had done that!


They also brought out hot punch and tamales for all of us at the very end. The people there are so gracious and full of LOVE! 


 Two of Santa's helpers, Jimena and Carla, passed out much needed water

and warm clothes. 


 This little girl was SO excited and all smiles when she received one of her many presents this year! 


Jennifer Rockett (kneeling) has been a HUGE supporter of this project for many years.  Organizing, spreading the word to those that want to donate, collecting funds, shopping for gifts and being the resident cheerleader:)

Thank you, Jennifer! 



 Here's Eli (the Jew wearing a Santa hat!) with one of many kids (this one chose the prized unicorn piñata!) There were nearly 80 children at the dump this year! The toys (especially the soccer balls and piñatas) were a HUGE hit.


 Here are Joseph and Floyd passing out a very needed item! This year, nearly 800 condoms were donated. The men were a bit shy about taking them, but they ALL went. 

 We can't imagine how difficult it would be to be disabled in this environment. 



This is one of several mountains of trash where nearly 200 people work and/or live. The poorest of the poor. Can you imagine? 



This shack in shambles is adjacent to the big mountain of trash. This is where some of these folks hang out during the day, and who knows, possibly each night.


Wanna get involved next year?


To get involved in the Christmas 2019 event, please email us. Donations are welcome each December, and a list of what we collect can be found on our community page


This has proven to be a remarkably rewarding experience time and time again. A BIG THANK YOU to all involved, the donors, the shoppers, volunteers, and the organizers at the dump!


THIS event always brings perspective into our lives. It's so easy to become affected by the "illusion" of what we consider to be problems, that are really no more than inconvenient, temporary annoyances.


May this coming year bring us all immeasurable joy, optimum health and a deep appreciation and gratitude for all the GOOD that's already in our lives.


We'd love to know in the COMMENTS BELOW... what are you grateful for these days?


Blessings and big hugs to you!

Eli & Joseph

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