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What's for Din-Din? Action Heroes and Dream Getaways.

It seems that we've been a bit MIA lately. So, first let us say: Sorry, kiddos.


People have approached us on the street the past few days, or reached out via email asking "You guys OK? Haven't heard from you for a little while."


Yes, all is well. It's nice to be missed. Thanks.


AND... there's a reason behind  our temporary disappearance.


We've been in the midst of a major creative burst of energy, taking Action on projects that are really meaningful to us, that will hopefully be of great value to you in some way.




As many of you know, Eli is super passionate about cooking delicious, healthy recipes to help all of us "heal from the inside out". And, while he's been wanting to write a full fledged cook book for some time - including strategies that helped him heal from his cancer adventure - he decided to take Action sooner than later by creating a quick and easy, healthy recipe guide with 9 of his favorites.

If you're interested in exploring healthy eating to get your health back on track (and we trust that you are!) you're welcome to download the FREE eBook guide here. Yum!


After you sign-up, we invite you to explore that blog page with other healthy recipes, put on some inspiring music and start cookin' up something delish!


(Feel free to either print the eBook or download it to your iPad or phone so you can have it handy.) 




For those of you who aren't satisfied with just reading a recipe book and would LOVE the FULL experience of working side by side with us in the kitchen, please consider booking a healthy vacation at our magical property, Casa de la Paz.


The idea is to take a wonderful vacation in San Miguel, enjoy the sites and wonders of the town, AND at the same time, take loving care of yourself with a couple cooking classes with Eli, hypnotherapy or life coaching sessions with Joseph, private yoga classes, relaxing massages and major loving pampering all around.


When you get back home you'll be renewed, and motivated to stay on track with your healthier lifestyle. Plus, we'll get to spend some quality time together!


You can explore some of the healing retreat possibilities here. Things like Quit Smoking, Lose Weight, prep for or recover from cancer treatments, get back on track with yourself, etc. 


If there's a specific focus for a healthy retreat you would like for us to consider, let us know and we'll customize something just for you!



Just like Eli took Action when he wasn't 100% ready to write a full book, we'd love to encourage you to move forward with one of your dreams, even if just a little bit.


So, we'd love to know: in what area of your life could you take some Action to move a project forward?


To help you with that, Joseph has come up with a super FUN, easy and inspired way to help you:


The Super Action Hero Challenge!


It goes like this: 


1. Consider an area of your life that could use some attention or focus. Or perhaps it's a special project, a course, or idea that has never been started or was prematurely abandoned. You know the one, right?


2.  Join his A is for Action!  FB group for daily motivation and inspiration. (C'mon. Just click on the link. It'll be fun!)


3. Post in the FB group what Action you're willing to take in the next 7 days. Even if it's tiny baby steps. (If your brain just kicked in with its usual "Yeah, right," read the * below.)


4. Then... 1-2-3 --- DO that Action! 


5. Come back to the group and share your wins (as small or big as they may be) We will sprinkle you with heaps of imaginary confetti, which is the best kind. (Requires no sweeping afterwards!) And words of encouragement! 


* IF your brain is messing with you about this:


Remember, when opening up a proverbial trunk of abandoned dreams, or starting new projects in uncharted territory, be aware of The Voice. The one that's oh so annoying, yet familiar: Really? Who do you think you are? Aren't you too old for that? Remember what happened last time? You really think this time it's going to be any different?


If that happens to you, know that often, when we name something, it loses it's power. So take out your journal, or share in the FB group what that voice is saying. Let it out, let it lose its power, and move on.


Also, remember our two favorite power words: Until Now. Just because things have been a certain way, doesn't mean they have to continue being so. You can create a different experience.


Below is a little Super Action Hero Mascot for you to guide you over the next 7 days! And, yes, we purposefully chose a silly, light-hearted mascot. Why? Because it's supposed to be fun, remember? 


We're more likely to take Action when we're having FUN!



Thanks so much for reading, and please feel free to share this post with anyone who might be needing some support or who might be feeling stuck and might be ready for a super, healthy getaway. Which can be each of us, yes?


We love you!

Eli + Joseph 


PS. Please remember that your FREE eBook is available over here. ¡Provecho! 


PPS: If you're wondering what else Joseph might be up to, please stay tuned! We'll be letting you know about his super-inspired project later this month. HINT: It's a problem that hurts 38 million people in the USA alone, and he's stepping up to help solve it ;)   Yes!


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