• by Eli Hans

5 Ways to Detox Your Life

In this ever-increasing toxic world it is so vital to do what we can to remain as toxin-free as possible.

In all ways: physically, emotionally, spiritually.

Having gone through the challenges of a lymphoma diagnosis a few years ago (a systemic cancer of the lymphatic system - which is the detoxification system of the body) and a very scary few months of not knowing if I was going to survive, my inner private detective dove full force into endless hours of research to find ways to improve my chances.

I learned a lot about keeping my body, mind and spirit as clear as possible, in order to avoid EVER going through that experience again.

So far, so good. (Yes!)

vegetables and fruits

In my research I learned that cancer isn’t just something people are genetically doomed to experience. Genetics actually have a relatively minor role, as genes can be turned off and on, depending on many life-style and environmental factors.

The study of epigenetics has discovered that genes need instructions for what to do and when to do it. Environmental influences, such as a person’s diet and exposure to pollutants, can impact genetic behavior in a big way. (1)

That means: the choices we make each and every day matter.

Have you noticed how more and more people are being diagnosed with cancer lately? It used to be it was somebody’s grandma. Now, it’s our friends and even ourselves. We have to do all we can to remain as healthy as possible, yes?

A lot has to do with our body’s immune system being overtaxed and its ensuing inability to deal with such a huge toxic load.

So, the answer to remaining as healthy as possible: reduce your toxic load, detox regularly, keep our immune system as strong as possible.

This isn’t just about avoiding cancer. It’s about creating the healthiest possible inner and outer environment for yourself to create a life you love, filled with vitality, energy and clarity.