• by Joseph Bennett

60-Second Game Changer To Improve Your Life

Here's a super-powerful game changer to jump-start your life. It's something new we started practicing every morning just after meditation, and it's helped us to create an amazing shift every day toward empowerment, groundedness and intention.

And it's really, really easy.

Stand with both feet on the ground (if you're physically limited, this practice works while sitting, too. If you're NOT physically limited, get your butt off the couch) raise your arms up in the air and begin affirming aloud "I AM WILLING."

Say it over and over again while reciting a stream-of-conscious, no-holds-barred list of what you're willing to do, be, have or create today.

I am willing to go to the gym and exercise with joy.

I am willing to de-clutter my desk and create a beautifully welcoming work area.

I am willing to reconnect with old friends and create new memories.

I am willing to keep my heart open today.

I am willing to try new practices to create more positivity in my life.

I am willing to be uncomfortable and do things out of my comfort zone.

I am willing to drive carefully and be patient with other drivers.

I am willing to eat healthy foods.

I am willing to smile more every day.

I am willing! I am willing! I am willing!

Happy Woman raising her arms