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Fear Less

More than a few clients have shown up to my office, looking to completely rid themselves of their fears. And there are more than a few quotes and affirmations out there in the world, encouraging us to be fearless.

And while that is a worthy goal, I believe that we can start a bit smaller.

To take baby steps.

To add a space.

A space between fear and less. To simply work toward fearing less.

Less than we did yesterday.

Less than we did last year.

Maybe - just for today - we needn't rid ourselves of our fears 100%. Instead, to shift to a place of having a bit less fear.

And a bit less tomorrow.

The antidote to fear is trust. So, as you release fear, you can replace it with trust. Trust yourself. Trust the Universe. Trust just a little more.

One day, sooner than you know, trust will replace fear, and you'll wonder at this new YOU, with more love, more energy, more courage.

In gratitude, JosephSave

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