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Creating Prosperity on Purpose

Can you answer these two simple questions?

Do you tend to make decisions about money from a "worry" place of fear and lack? Do you want to have a healthier relationship with money to create an effortless flow and peace of mind?

If you're ready to truly thrive, have more money and freedom in your life, and learn how to clear away whatever's been keeping you stuck in regard to money and finances, this workshop is for you!


Join us for this empowering and inspiring 2.5-hour motivational workshop, to explore breakthrough strategies to help you create more abundance in your life, and to get out of your money rut for once and for all!

Learn How To: 

  • change the story you've been telling yourself about money

  • let go of emotional, spiritual and physical blocks that are getting in your way

  • create a prosperity mindset that is in alignment with a higher purpose (even if you don't know what that is yet.)

  • use language that supports your financial freedom, versus hindering you

  • get out of your own way and get financially healthy

  • and a few other surprises!

With a blend of fun, high-energy presentations, guided ritual and small-group processes, you'll leave this workshop feeling inspired, hopeful and motivated, with new action-based strategies you can apply immediately to Create Prosperity in your life, mindfully, and on Purpose!     

Make a DECISION to finally get this monkey off your back and learn how to create more peace of mind around money and abundance in your life.

Watch the BRIEF VIDEO below to get a sense of the type of energy

you can expect at any of our workshops.

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