LIVE, online group coaching with Eli + Joseph.
An inspired and dynamic approach to
in community with others!

"Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you... spend time with them, and it will change your life." – Amy Poehler

Welcome to Online Group Coaching!

1. Group coaching is a great way to get all the benefits of the coaching process at a more affordable rate.


2. It fosters a sense of community and mutual support that's not found in one-on-one sessions. Groups are limited to 10 participants.


3. Faster breakthroughs - Typically when one person in the group has a breakthrough, others follow suit. Why? Because more often than not, people share very similar core issues — and learning and growing together is invaluable for everyone.

4. The accountability factor is a powerful motivator. When you tell the group or your partner that you’re going to do something by next week,  then you’re more apt to actually do it. The fact that everybody’s working on a similar goal or a similar theme creates a wonderful synergy that moves the entire group forward.

4. Best of all, you can do it from HOME in your PJ's !


If you want to discover how empowering the coaching process can be,

we want to offer you a chance to:

  • explore how the process works and get your feet wet through group coaching

  • experience the power of working with others who are focused on similar goals

  • achieve realistic yet challenging goals within a shorter time frame than doing it on your own.

An added plus is that group coaching is more more affordable than one-on-one. Good or good?


We only offer a few group coaching programs per year.

Topics may include:

Gettin' Back on Track (with your health, nutrition, spirituality)

Turn Your Passions Into Profit (explore which of your passions has true business potential)

Build Your Brilliant Business (move your business idea forward one step at a time)

If you'd like to get your feet wet with coaching at a more affordable rate

while working with others with similar goals...

Let us know! We'll let you know when our next group program gets ready to launch.





"Eli & Joseph are masterful facilitators of group process. With a light touch and great wisdom, they bring out the best in people." 


Mitch Ditkoff - President Idea Champions

Dip your toes into the water and try it out. 

We promise that you'll discover extraordinary courage, momentum and joy you haven't tapped into in a long time. Maybe ever.

San Diego, CA

San Miguel de Allende, Mex.

Eli Hans & Joseph Bennett

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