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This beautiful part of my morning practice helps me feel more grounded, calm and alive! It stimulates my immune system and so much more. Follow along with me and let's do it together.

We wanted to share some tools with you, trusting that these "Meaningful M's" will inspire you to THRIVE through this global experience, and beyond.

With coronavirus threatening to become a global pandemic, your best defense is to strengthen your immune system, and there are ways to do it naturally. This post gives you great suggestions to do just that. Please take care of yourself.

All of us experience a degree of resistance when starting something big. This story will inspire you to break through fear and reach your goals.

Ever feel like quitting? Like whatever you're working on doesn't matter and it would just be so much easier to throw in the towel? If so, this is for you.

"Some people are just luckier than others." 

I heard that comment earlier this morning. "Kyle" was talking about relationships and how difficult it was being single. 

"You've been together 19 years?" Kyle said. "I'm not that lucky." 

At the time there were too many distractions at the swap meet that prevented me from getting into a deeper co...

The five practices are super easy to incorporate and will help you achieve a more peaceful and enjoyable life.

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