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If you have four-legged kids, you'll love this EASY, healthy home-made dog food recipe. If you don't have dogs, please SHARE this with loved ones who do.

If you want to not get sick this winter, this TRICK will help you do that! PLUS, I'm finally revealing my secret recipe for my most delectable soup! Yum!

If you miss the delectable, comforting buttery flavor and aroma of butter because you've given up dairy due to lactose intolerance or allergies, or maybe to be more heart-health conscious, or to control your weight, learning how to make ghee at home ...

Sprouts are unbelievable forces of nature. When seeds or legumes are sprouting, they are at their maximum life force, doing everything possible to exist! This salad is as delicious as it is life giving! Enjoy!

If oatmeal or other grains make you feel bloated, welcome Chia to the rescue!  You're going to LOVE this super-easy recipe, and it will feel really nice and soothing in your tummy.

One of the great things about this recipe is that you can quickly prep...

These look EXACTLY like scrambled eggs, don't they? In some ways, they are more delicious! If you're craving eggs but they don't quite agree with you, you will LOVE this creative substitution!

It's an easy and fun recipe to make, and the secret ingred...

Preparing healthy breakfasts, and creating variety, can sometimes be a challenge. We just can't have oatmeal every day, or fruit or a power smoothy. Sometimes I just really want (and need) something hearty, delicious and packed with protein.

On those...

Yes, sometimes when you commit to eating a healthy diet and get away from hotcakes and bacon for breakfast (God, I still miss them!),  you can end up eating stuff that at first may seem, well, a bit... funky.

This dish might at first fit under that c...

I am not to be blamed if you develop an addiction to this luscious, ridiculously delicious topping sauce that makes all good things that much better!

This sauce is SO good, and easy to make, you will kick yourself for not having known about it sooner!...

Are you in for a treat!  Yuuummmm!

You'll think you've gone to heaven when you put one of these babies in your mouth! Not only are they delicious, these organic chocolate truffles are so much fun to make and they're actually nutritious, using organic...

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