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For the past several years, we've organized a charity event for the poorest of the poor just outside of San Miguel: those living and working at the city dump.

Have you ever vowed to make healthier choices during the holidays, and came up short of your goal? Most of us have 'been there, done that' and then vowed to do better next year.

Sound familiar? 

What if there were steps you could take to create a healt...

If you've ever felt stuck trying something new and you just COULDN'T make a decision, you'll be able to relate to what happened to us recently.

I've had a dream for years to grow our own vegetables. I fantasize about making compost (not really, I just...

We recently had a big “aha” about why it's so challenging for many of us to ask for support when we need it. Read this and see what you think.

We're currently in Southern California, enjoying a three-week house, dog & car exchange. Who knew that could even be possible? One more miracle that seemed to create itself out of the ethers — borne from a simple desire, followed by action. Sometimes...

If you want to feel lighter, freer & filled with energy, spring cleaning is the thing to do! Try doing it this way to get lasting, results beyond the obvious.

Who's running your life? Are you? Or are your old, subconscious patterns running you?

In this ever-increasing toxic world it is so vital to do what we can to remain as toxin-free as possible.

In all ways: physically, emotionally, spiritually.

Having gone through the challenges of a lymphoma diagnosis a few years ago (a systemic cancer o...

Holidays are coming and for some of us, family dynamics tend to flare up that can trigger reactions, anxiety, addictions and arguments. There's an inherent sense of stress created by last-minute shopping, frenetic traffic, and getting things ready, t...

Wouldn't it be great to be able to let go of obsessive worries that spin around in your head and continually cause you grief? You know the ones... the nasty voices that go from A to B to C to A to B to C that give you stomach aches, keep you up at ni...

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