BEATING THE ODDS - And all that Cha-Cha!

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A cancer diagnosis can be one of the most terrifying experiences we can face in our lives. If you - or a loved one - have been touched by cancer directly or indirectly, you will GAIN SO MUCH from this empowering life-saving workshop!


After hearing Eli's inspiring story of healing from a dire cancer diagnosis to becoming a cancer thriver in all respects, you'll learn life-affirming strategies anyone can immediately put into action that can make a significant difference in their attitude and outlook, their well-being and, most importantly, their outcome.

An ABSOLUTE MUST if you want to release fear and shift your mindset into a positive state where thriving is possible! Improve your outcome, avoid a relapse or prevent getting cancer in the first place!

If you DON'T have cancer (wonderful!) yet are experiencing another chronic illness - or if you just want to get back on track to regain optimum health - you will also gain a lot from our time together.

This 2.5-hour workshop will pack a wealth of information from the patient AND care-giver perspectives, taken directly from Eli's  successful healing adventure and Joseph's incredible support as primary care-giver.

You'll also experience a wonderful process to help you clarify your healing goals and how to achieve them!